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Record Keeping

The bane of all small businesses operations, particularly one person businesses is record keeping and bookkeeping.  A very simple method and easy to use is having a Receipt Box.  Place it somewhere handy.

With every transaction, make sure you get a receipt whether it is taking a client  for lunch,  taking a cab, buying a stamp or picking up some minor office supplies. Get a receipt and when you get back in your office, drop the receipt in the Receipt Box.  Once a week, or every two weeks or once a month, empty the box, sort them into categories, (Gasoline, Office Supplies, Coffee & Snacks,etc), total them up, write the total on the top receipt, staple them together and drop them in a file folder. At the end of the month, total up the categories and enter them in an Excel spreadsheet. 

At the end of the year you have a nice tidy monthly summary that you can hand to your accountant. No searching through credit card statements, no scratching your head over a shoe box full of receipts. Simple. 

Receipt Box (2) copy.png

Downloadable PDF Monthly Expense spreadsheet for small and home business.


Bookmarking Important Websites

A very simple and easy to use method of keeping track of important website addresses is a system I have devised that is more efficient than using the bookmark system provided by the browsers.  Create a new document in Word, give it a title: "My Bookmarks" for example and save it to Desktop. Each time you find a website you want to to revisit, copy the URL and paste it on to your "My Bookmark" page. 

You can create headings and subheadings for ease of use. I have used this method for years and find it a much simpler way of keep track of websites I want to revisit.

You can also create a Folder and save it to Desktop and create a World page for each category of website you want to go back to and save it to that folder. An example of one of my pages is as follows.

Sample Bookmarking Pages for URLs.

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